strange love

For the past three-years the company has been developing its latest creation Strange Love, an abstract multi-media work that explores the messy yet witty, sexy appearances and underlying architecture of courtship, intimacy and love.   Accompanied by a Jazz Trio, the work combines theatrical dance, movement monologues, video-projection and photography with dancer/singers performing vocal renditions of jazz legends John Coltrane & Miles Davis music.

Strange Love conceived, conceptualized and choreographed by Nathan Trice is an exploration into the subtle and overt dynamics that exist between four couples at various stages in their relationships.  Each couple inadvertently move with and between various media using dance, text and vocal riffs to perform a series of cryptic statements that reveal, hint or conceal something about one another’s character.

Collaboratively the work features music direction by William Tatge, videography by Vanja Srdic, projections by Whitney V. Hunter, photography by Ernesto Mancebo & Judith Stuart, costume designs by David Shen, and multi-talented dancer/singer/choreographers.

Recently, FreeCandy a new and vibrant arts space located in Brooklyn NY invited the company to be in residence with Strange Love over a 7-month engagement.  With this incredible opportunity and unique extended period of time, Nathan has decided to direct the company’s focus towards creating an episodic monthly series entitled, Strange Love: EPISODES a monthly multi-media installation performance series.  The series will premiere one weekend a month beginning with a LAUNCH party on April 28, 2012 and continuing monthly through Nov 2012.  Such a rare and unique residency will allow the company to develop a multitude of installments that explores courtship, intimacy and love.

photo: Ernesto Mancebo

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