Your thoughts, ideas and perspectives will become part of our creative process for making art that will premier June 17, 2016 @ 8pm, at the Kumble Theater

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5 thoughts on “COMMUNITY QUESTION: #1

  1. Why does art matter?
    I can’t imagine a world without it.
    It is the experience of the individual, while simultaneously bringing us together in community.
    It is the magic of theater – while sitting in the dark with a group of strangers, experiencing the same moment – where one can be utterly moved on an intimate, personal level while sharing the experience with everyone in the room.
    It is the moment you gasp when a dancer leaps higher than you ever thought possible.
    It is a striking reaction to a massive sculpture that twists and turns and distorts the space around it.
    It is a piece of music that haunts you for days, weeks, years.
    It is the beauty of art, music, dance, theater that demonstrates the unique perspectives and constantly changing environments that surround and affect us.
    It is joy and sadness, courage and fear, inspiring and provocative, frivolous and poignant, passionate and contemplative, heartfelt and calculated.
    It has the power to console, inflame, amuse, provoke, encourage;
    and it is endlessly evolving.

  2. Sorry for my English, not very good at it.
    So why does it matter?
    Art is the connection, the wire between us and life, earth, universe, energy, etc. Is the one that gives us the feeling that we are right here right now, art allow us to connect with our specie, for me art remind us that we are part of this biological truth, that we are humans. From the rocks drummed for the cavemen to the orchestras nowadays, it’s been an answer to a necessity of communication and interaction with that energy that lives in every inch of the existence. Art is the responsible to evolve the specie, without it we would be lost in a ungrounded path, with no knowledge of what we are and no knowledge of what are we going or want to be.

  3. One of the things that I find thrilling about art is that it is not as standardized as other other forms of personal expression and/or production. Art is unique in that its “qualifications” can never quite be decided on, which means (in my opinion) that there aren’t any – not really. You can say that someone’s art doesn’t make sense to you, or that you don’t understand or appreciate it (I think this happens the most in visual art?) but I don’t find that those preferences tend to equal a negation of those instances as actual art. I don’t know if that makes sense? Like, a mathematician’s expression has standards that they absolutely cannot deviate from, otherwise it’s no longer math. From my experience, this is not the case in art.
    And that’s what is so thrilling about artistic expression for me. In art, you have much more freedom to ask questions and not require them to lead to an answer. As someone who is much more fascinated with finding out what all the possibilities are, as opposed to needing a textbook answer, I absolutely love that. That’s one of the many reasons why art matters to me.

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